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The Study of the Design of Closed Coal Yard in Thermal Power Plant

Guo Rui


In China, there are many ways to generate electricity. Thermal power is used as the main way to generate electricity. Typically, thermal power mainly uses coal as primary power source, therefore it is often necessary to have a coal storage. Currently a closed coal yard if compared to others coal storage building: its construction taken up small area, it has large storage capacity per unit area, it has high site utilization rate, it has no dust during storage and discard process, environmental friendly, centralized control program is used in the coal field system, high degree of automation, can be unattended and others advantages are increasingly being adopted. The structure design of a closed coal yard has a crucial role in the efficiency of the entire thermal power generation. Therefore, a reasonable design is of closed coal yard is necessary in thermal power generation. This paper will focus on the study of the design of closed coal yard in thermal power plant.


Thermal power generation; Closed coal yard; Design research

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