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Comparative Analysis on Main Material index of China and International Composite Girder Bridge with Corrugated Steel Web

Zheng Lei, Guodong Yang, Huali Chen, Chunyang Ma


Prestressed Concrete girder bridge with corrugated steel web is type of girder bridge that evolve rapidly in recent year, its excellent mechanical properties is getting more and more recognition by majority of the bridge engineers. This article investigate the case study of constructed girder bridge with corrugated steel webs in China, analyze and give comment based on their construction design, technology and etc. With the data of constructed girder bridge with corrugated steel webs in Japan, comparative analysis of the main material index of China and Japan girder bridge with corrugated steel webs was compared, the material index function was developed to ease the estimation of related construction.


Corrugated Steel Web; Composite Girder Bridge; Material Index; Rapid Construction

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