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The Research of High Voltage Auxiliary Power System Neutral Point Grounding Modes between the Nuclear Power Plant and Conventional Fossil Fuel Power Plant

Yunfeng Zhang, Hourong Pan


Currently, in power plants, the application of the extinction coil in high voltage auxiliary power system neutral point is less experienced. A research done on nuclear power plant and conventional fossil fuel power plant proved that using an auxiliary power system’s different characteristics was leading to different demands of the grounding modes. Thus, this research was done by selecting the grounding mode of high voltage auxiliary power system neutral point on the main nuclear power plants and the partial fossil fuel power plants together with the calculation of practical engineering, and optimal design schemes. The high voltage auxiliary power system neutral point grounding modes have been induced in the large-scale into the nuclear power plant and the conventional fossil fuel power plant. Methods in determining the neutral point grounding modes are used by analyzing the principles commonly used grounding modes and requirements of related codes. First, choose the suitable grounding mode according to the calculation result of capacitive current. Then, choose more conducive grounding mode to the operation of power plant according to the operation of technology equipment. The power is required from the configuration, connection of auxiliary power and the cut from the accident of auxiliary power. As some power plants which are under-construction will be putting into operation one after another, the whole set of perfect security arrangements and operating experiences will also be accumulated inevitably. As a conclusion, high voltage auxiliary power system neutral point grounding modes directly affect the running of the auxiliary power system and even affect the security of the nuclear safety and the operation of the power plant. I hope this article can play a role for reference on the selection of the auxiliary power system grounding modes.


Nuclear power plant; Fossil fuel; Neutral point; Grounding mode; Nuclear safety; Capacitive current

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