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Discussion on Safety Production and Construction Safety Management of Construction Enterprises

Xianzhong Liang


At present, due to the continuous development of China's social economy, urban construction has also been developed by leaps and bounds. At the same time, people on the construction quality and safety requirements are gradually increased. With the concept of people-oriented deepening at all levels will do a good job on safety production, strengthen the safety responsibility on the work, so that the safety responsibility is more important into the corporate culture to ensure the safety of production. However, due to various factors, the construction enterprises in the construction process, safety production and management there are still many shortcomings, not only affect the safety of production, back to the hidden potential security risks of construction, resulting in accidents often be occurred, threatening the safety of life and property of people. Therefore, this article focuses on the construction management of the safety management of the study.


construction; safety production; safety management

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